Professional Instruction

The instructors at FSPTC are none other than THE BEST! We offer private, individualized instruction in hitting, pitching, fielding, and catching. All instruction is provided by our skilled coaches who are current or retired professional players, former college athletes, or current high school coaches. Our instructors are second to none and are able to give instruction at an age appropriate level. Our instructors/coaches are also accredited through the Positive Coaching Alliance after completing and passing courses aimed at using youth sports to build competent and confident athletes. Make no mistake about it, there are many coaches in youth sports, but not all can be FSPTC coaches!




Throughout the year, FSPTC hosts various clinics, camps and programs aimed at further developing player’s skills both on and off the field. Please see our Program calendar to learn more information about any upcoming events.



Competitive Travel Teams

FSPTC fields competitive travel teams from the 9U-17U level. All players are selected to play on teams after an open tryout process that typically takes place in August for Fall and Spring teams and November for summer teams. During tryouts players are evaluated by our professional coaches/instructors and are invited to be on teams based on their individual competencies. 


There are two types of teams at FSPTC: instructor-led teams and volunteer-led teams. Instructor-led teams are teams that have a FSPTC instructor as the head coach, and volunteer-led teams have skilled and trained volunteers serving as the head coach. Regardless of if the team is an instructor-led or volunteer-led team, all teams receive instruction from our professional staff.   


Our practices are fast paced and organized using an age progressive practice plan, developed by our coaching professionals. For each age group, the critical baseball fundamentals are drilled and repeated. There is a difference between repetitions and repetitions with instruction, and we focus on repetition with instruction to teach the fundamental baseball skills that every player must develop. From tee ball to high school ball and beyond, our instructors have walked the path and know what it takes to be successful and are ready to share their expertise with our players!


Below is a complete list of membership options and pricing. Membership offers several benefits including unlimited cage access, discounts on lessons, 24-hour access, and much more!

There is a $50 enrollment fee for all new individual and family memberships and those renewing an expired/lapsed membership.


$35.00/month (plus $50 enrollment fee)

​​Includes:  Unlimited cage access (when available)

                  Discounts on lessons & other services

                  Eligibility for 24-hour access



$50.00/month (plus $50 enrollment fee)

Includes:  Unlimited cage access (when available)
                  Discounts on lessons & other services
                  Eligibility for 24-hour access



Youth Baseball/Softball Training & Development 

We are a youth baseball and softball organization

delivering professional skill development for individuals

and teams in a personal and positive environment.


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297 Dividend Drive

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Front Desk Summer Hours

Monday - Friday   10:00 AM - 3:00 PM


At Foundation Sports, we are here for you.  We are constantly looking for ways to improve and better meet the needs of our customers.  If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions for us, please feel free to let us know by filling out the contact form.  All inquiries are confidential, and will be seen by management ONLY.