Fall/Winter Programs

Dynamic Throwing Program   Ages 13-18U  $420

The Dynamic Throwing Program is designed for the athlete looking to become a DYNAMIC THROWER and take his throwing to the next level. Pitchers & Position Players will work to unlock your natural velocity, improve throwing mechanics, increase flexibility, gain strength/power, learn hip mobility and shoulder/scapula workout routines.

This program includes a set of Jaeger bands for arm care instruction!

*  12 sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays

*  6:30-7:30PM

*  Limited to 18 slots per age group


Elite Hitters   Ages 14-18U  $700

For the athlete looking to become an ELITE HITTER and spend serious time working on advanced hitting techniques to take his hitting to the next level.  Sessions will  be conducted in our brand new HitTrax cage to allow for analytic reports, real-time visual an statistical data such as exit ball velocity, distance, launch angle, hard hit average and detailed strike zone analyses immediately following the hit. 

*  16 1-hour sessions on Tuesday and Thursday with some Saturdays

*  Limited to 8 slots for each group (6:30-7:30 or 7:30-8:30)

YOUTH M.A.S.S. Program

(Mentality, Agility, Speed, Strength) Ages 10-13U  $350

Based on the work of Zach Dechant at Texas Christian University, this program is for the athlete aiming to increase speed, strength, overall agility and body function.  Body movement patterns will assist with functional strength, proper technique, foot speed and core strength.  Don't let you player touch a weight until he has completed this program.  


*  10 50-minute sessions on Tuesday and Thursday

* Limited to 8 slots


Competitive HIT LEAGUE  

$125/player or $375/team

A team of 3 players will compete against other teams using our HitTrax quality hit game system to track and score games for a total of 8 regular season games over a period of 5 weeks.  Each team will play twice per week, with playoff and championship games to be completed by December 17, 2019.  This is a great tool for the player looking to hit a few extra times per week in a competitive and fun atmosphere.

*  Limited to 8 teams

*  A HitTrax quality hit game consists of 30 swings 

*  Each player on a team must register separately.  Please note your team members names in the comments section of the registration.


High School Camp  Ages 14-18U $50

Designed to get players ready for the upcoming high school tryout season.  Includes live at-bats for pitchers, hitters and catchers, ground ball work and hitting sessions

*  Scheduled for January 11, 2020 



HitTrax One Day Tournament

$30/player $120/team

One day tournament scheduled for November 23rd, 30th and December 14th, 21st.  2 game guarantee with a championship game for the top 2 teams

*  4 teams with a maximum of 4 players

*  In the event that the tournament does not "make", players will still play a 2 game guarantee on the HitTrax system.

*  Each player on a team must register separately.  Please note your team members names in the comments section of the registration.



HitTrax Holiday Camps   Ages  8-13     $40

Give Mom and Dad some shopping time and come play a virtual baseball game!  


Youth Baseball/Softball Training & Development 

We are a youth baseball and softball organization

delivering professional skill development for individuals

and teams in a personal and positive environment.


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Front Desk Summer Hours

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At Foundation Sports, we are here for you.  We are constantly looking for ways to improve and better meet the needs of our customers.  If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions for us, please feel free to let us know by filling out the contact form.  All inquiries are confidential, and will be seen by management ONLY.